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Bas; (Over)Thinker, Tinkerer, Creator, Imagineer.
BASt; Creative designs in wood, 3D-printed Woodworking Jigs for Makita, Sorby Pro-Edge and Woodpeckers tools.
Here you can find the direct links mentioned in my Instagram posts.

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🇬🇧 @rat.rig #killerbee CNC machine with xPro V5 controller upgraded to self-squaring Y-axis. All you need is an extra limit switch.
How-to posted on Youtube.

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🇬🇧 3D Printed Autoline Drill Guide Dust collector.
With this tool on your Autoline Drill Guide you can drill without being bothered by sawdust; the sawdust is neatly sucked away, while the opening offers enough space for several sizes of drill bits and a good view of the drill area.

Suitable for a 2.5″ suction / vacuum hose.
50mm inner size
52mm outer size

Available on my Etsy shop as Digital 3D Print file on my Etsy shop: BAStVormEnHout .
As printed product for NL customers on

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🇬🇧 3D Print files for #Makita #Katsu palmrouters available on my Etsy shop.
Link in bio!
For example: Wide Grip + Dustconnector 32+35mm (3D Print file)
#router #routerjig #3dprint #stl #3mf #diy
#creative #woodworking

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🇳🇱 Voor zij die liever zelf 3D-Printen; de bestanden voor mijn RouterJigs / Frees Hulpmiddelen zijn nu ook te koop
🇬🇧 Those that prefer to 3D-print for themselves; digital files for my Routerjigs are now available on my Etsy shop

BASt | Instagram Link-in-bio

2022-04-20; We hebben Eitjes!! 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚. Volg youtube vogelfunda of voor de voortgang

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